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some of our work for days gone by!

4.0 tensioners

cause of misfire bank 1

Video 3 title

video coming soon....

Video 4 title

video coming soon....

Agape' means Love!

Front of shop

Shop Front

The day Begins with new projects in waiting....

XJ8 Dash Replacement

This Jag had Airbag Deployed during a collision which damaged dash

Jag S-Type

Recent S-type engine swap (intake removed)

4.6 Ford

Timing Chains of the Ford 4.6

Norhtstar V8

This engine's headbolts may pull the threads out of the block if overheated!

Cadilac Northstar Crossover

Be sure to check this when you have a coolant leak! The ports to the heads always leak!

Latest News

  • Agape' Repair Service has been around since 1997 in the same location!
  • New!Coming in 2014.. video demo's of recent repair jobs!!
  • Photo Galleries Featuring all the types of repairs we offer!
  • Exclusive Jaquar Section featuring U-tube repair links to common complaints!
  • On-line Appointment Scheduling and E-mail Updates!
  • Agape' Autos For Sale!!
  • Online Parts Request Form for your Jaquar and Mercedes Restorations!
  • Yes We Do Restorations! Conversions and Classics!
"Where Integrity Still Counts!"
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We Serve all your automotive needs with integrity!


Agape' Repair' Services  "Where Integrity Still Counts!"


Welcome to our Website! An Online Ministry to Quality Repair

As the name implies Agape' Repair Services mission is to put Integrity back in the vehicle repair business by utilizing the latest repair procedures and automotive advancements to accurately diagnose and service today's modern computer controlled vehicles. What makes Agape' Repair Services different from the other shops is the up-front approach ASE Certified Master Technician Rick Taylor takes with his diagnostic procedures and presentations he provides to his customers. Ricks customers don't just get an invoice listing the repairs preformed when they pick up their vehicle. They also view digital photos detailing the different stages of their vehicles repair. Explaining the entire repair process is simplified when the customer can better understand why the repair was necessary in the first place! We will one day open another facilty in the Dallas area when the time is right. We thank you for 14 years  to be of service to the community and the many friends and loyal customers we've served along the way. May our Lord richly bless your path in life  and provide reliable alternatives to service your vehicles during our absence from public service.


    Service with Integrity!

    Keys to a Successful Repair

    There's an expression commonly heard in the repair business- "You get what you pay for!"
    So true! But don't feel you have to mortgage your house just to get a good repair or that the dealer is your only option. Many of today's Independent garages & repair shops are set up to handle all types of repairs, but do your homework. Ask around and talk with others who have had good results. Communicate with the services writer or technician exactly what you are seeking- don't leave it up to the shop to tell you what you need. If possible write down the symptoms and be very descriptive on the condition to aid the shop in performing a more accurate diagnosis. We and Agape' Repair Services hope this site will help you understand the "Why's & How's" of the repair process . Feel free to contact us with your questions.-      "the crew"


    New in 2015!

    stay tuned... check back soon

     Although our repair facility closed in June of last year, we look forward to the new year as a time to rebuild. To solidify our commitment to our customers as we develop our new home and plan for the days ahead. Please check back often on our progress.

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