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...cont from home page   I Guess this is where I share with you my vision and purpose for creating Agape' Repair Services. First of all the automovitve repair industry is becoming more complex each year and the need for experienced "technicians" are increasing in demand. With that  in mind many feel uncomfortable taking thier investment
to anyone other that the local dealership and for good reason! The average electronic repair or even some tune-ups today can easily reach $500.00 or more!

Now I'm going to come straight to the point. You get what you pay for! If it sounds too good to be true, you can count on it not being what is promised. Shops have overhead, disposal fees, they have to pay their employees and make a profit or the doors won't be open long. So don't base your selection on thier prices, but thier quality of service, their track record of providing a wide array of services, and most of all INTEGRITY!

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We at Agape' Repair Services LLC want to earn your trust. To do this these are our core beliefs and the foundational principals that separate us from the rest:
- All Major Repair work digitally documented- We photogragh our work and will provide you a copy on CD Rom if requested.

- We'll go the extra mile to provide you with options to fit your budget, not just one quote. we also provide extended warranties and Coming Soon, Nationwide Warranty Coverage at no extra cost!

- Bottom line- I look at my work as a ministry. The gift given to me by God to serve others with wisdom and discernment not shared by most in the industry. The standard I hold myself to is to be accountable to God with reverent humility. Agape' Love begins in the heart of a true servant. His work should stand as a testimony of his faith. My reward is knowing I have pleased HIm as well as my customers!