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AGAPE' REPAIR SERVICES is a full line facility servicing all makes and models of vehicles, foreign & domestic. We also repair machinery used in the construction and tree service industries. Not your every day repair shop, Agape' goes the extra mile when it comes to service. Take a little time browsing through the specific areas and feel free to e-mail us with your questions. And of course your comments are always welcome!


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Did You Know?...

Many shops look for ways to mark up repair charges, will not combine services that may be related to the same repair procedure but will charge the customer separately for each service yielding a higher labor charge?

Agape' Repair Service will not only combine like operations but also explain why the additional repairs are needed.





New Horizons
Keys to a Successful Repair

There's an expression commonly heard in the repair business- "You get what you pay for!"
So true! But don't feel you have to mortgage your house just to get a good repair or that the dealer is your only option. Many of today's Independent garages & repair shops are set up to handle all types of repairs, but do your homework. water pumps should be replaced with timing belt jobsAsk around and talk with others who have had good results. Communicate with the services writer or technician exactly what you are seeking- don't leave it up to the shop to tell you what you need. If possible write down the symptoms and be very descriptive on the condition to aid the shop in performing a more accurate diagnosis. We and Agape' Repair Services hope this site will help you understand the "Why's & How's" of the repair process . Feel free to contact us with your questions.- "the crew"
honda transTruck Brakes- No Problemdamage caused when timing belt brokeWe work on all makes